Welcome to the TPX™ Property Exchanges and the Third Option for Property Liquidity


Currently when buying property you have two options: you can either sell your property or borrow against your property. These are the only two options that most people deal with, including the fees, time and the higher risk to the ownership of that asset that comes with them. With the TPX Property Exchanges however we present a new third option: to become a ‘Coiner’ and coin (or list) your property on one of our global Property Exchanges.

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Buy or Sell?


A Stacker wishes to buy the listed titles of a Coined property on the Exchanges, via their mobile phone or trading screens, as an inflation resistant and (hopefully) appreciating asset, to trade on the Exchanges or to use as an inflation resistant form of money itself in contracts and/or payments. A Stacker may simply wish to buy a number of title certificates on an Exchange to own a percentage of the titles of a specific property as an asset for a specific period for a specific capital return or to have a direct and ongoing share of the rental income. A Stacker is likely to also be a potential Coiner who is testing the process before Coining their own property or to test it prior to making a significant asset allocation to a single TPX™ Property Exchange or across a number of the global Exchanges.

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A reliable, trusted platform

The Exchange

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The system validates each property as a true property backed investment.

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Easily select properties to coin or stack using our unique mobile app.

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Development from 2017 to 2022.